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Element Los Angeles (104th Street) offers extensive space simulation capability, providing space and satellite testing in Southern California. Our state-of-the-art facility and expert staff of highly experienced engineers and technicians provide a full range of qualification, compliance and reliability testing to customers throughout the world. We support industries including: aerospace, defense, electronics, and other high-tech enterprises.

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Element Los Angeles (104th St) Specialties

Advanced Testing for Satellite and Space Technologies

We’re a noted leader in testing for space technology, with the chops to custom-engineer chambers and ­fixtures to conduct a complete range of space-related phenomena, including:

Fuel cells and solar panels
• Composite antennas and batteries
• Full qualification and acceptance testing of propellant tanks
• Various mechanical and electronic devices

TV-25: Thermal Vacuum Test Chamber

TV-25: Our Largest Thermal Vacuum Test Chamber
In addition to smaller TVAC chambers, Element Los Angeles (104th St) designed and built, and now maintains and operates a TV-25 (25 feet long by 15 feet deep) thermal vacuum test facility for client-spaceflight hardware. We use one control room, two client rooms, a 3-ton crane within a class 100,000 Clean Room, two gowning areas and two uninterruptible power sources connected to an automatically engaged backup generator.

TV-25 major capabilities span:
• Thermal vacuum testing for a wide range of components.
• Multiple PID controlled thermal zones to minimize temperature gradient.
• Large size accommodates reflectors, solar panels and small satellites.

Environmental & Dynamic Testing at Element LA (104th St)

As experts in the performance of a wide array of environmental simulations including space, thermal, shock, and vibration, our engineers are supported by the latest technology and an arsenal of capabilities. Element Los Angeles (104th St) has a large selection of temperature/humidity chambers, including a temperature/altitude chamber up to 60,000 feet; space simulators, acoustic noise, salt fog, sand and dust chambers; solar load test; and thermal shock chambers (air-air and liquid-liquid).

Combining electrodynamic vibration and controlled environments is practically an everyday occurrence, such as sine, random, sine on random and synthesized shock.

Other environmental and dynamic testing services include:

• Sine, random, sine-on-random and synthesized shock.
• Temperature / humidity chambers and temperature / altitude chamber – up to 60,000 feet.
• Space simulators: Acoustic noise, salt fog, sand and dust chambers, acceleration, bake out and thermal cycling.
• Solar load test and thermal shock chambers – air-air and liquid-liquid.
• Structural, pressure and helium leak testing of lines and components up to 40,000 psi.
• Aging at 125o C/minute transition rate.
• FED-STD-209 – Class 10,000 and Class 100 Clean Rooms.
• Propellant systems, hydraulic components and cryogenic components.
• Nitric and citric acid passivation, hydrofluoric acid pickle/etching and aluminum deoxidation.
• NASA, AMS, SAE, ARP, ASTM and NAS; Industrial cleaning and compressed gas association.
• Primary specifications include MIL-STD 810, MIL-STD 202, RTCA DO160, ISTA, ASTM and NEMA.

Precision Cleaning Capabilities at Element Los Angeles (104th St)

As the preferred precision cleaning supplier for many of our nation’s aerospace and defense contractors, Element is an active participant in Space, National Security and Homeland Defense Programs. These programs require the strict process and cleanliness controls that only a company with over 50 years’ experience can provide.

Working closely with our client partners, we developed and implemented the cleaning processes necessary to meet the demanding level of process control and system cleanliness required for mission success. We continue to develop processes and techniques as new commercial space programs grow. The need to reduce costs and deliver products that meet stringent requirements on time, every time is now more important than ever.

Element Los Angeles (104th St) performs precision cleaning and testing for in-process parts and finished products including:

• Valves and related items
• Piping and tubing
• Tanks and cylinders
• Heat exchangers
• Gauges and instruments
• Fittings and fasteners
• Transducers and sensors
• Fuel and oxidizer ducts
• Cryogenic and vacuum jacketed piping
• Cleaning Capabilities
• Propellant systems (fuel and oxidizer)
• Hydraulic components and systems
• Purge panels
• Cryogenic components and systems
• Breathing air systems
• Hydrogen peroxide components and systems
• Other Services
• Nitric and citric acid passivation
• Nitric and hydrofluoric acid pickle
• Hydrofluoric acid etching
• Aluminum deoxidation

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Los Angeles 104th Street A2LA Mechanical ISO 17025 Certificate and Scope
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