Element operates radiographic laboratories around the country, staffed with certified technicians and outfitted with the latest technical and image processing equipment to process, inspect, and certify to the highest standards a wide variety of products for the aerospace, power generation, military, nuclear, and commercial industries.

We operate one of the largest inspection cells; our largest x-ray chamber in the U.S.—measuring 32 feet by 32 feet—is equipped with a 4MeV linear accelerator that is capable of penetrating the equivalent of 12 inches of steel. Our materials handling systems can accommodate items weighing up to 6 tons.

Element x-ray experts commonly use our high energy radiographic inspection system to detect discontinuities in welds and weld overlays, castings, forgings, valves and components, machined parts, pressure vessels, structural steel, and aircraft structures, boilers, etc. We support aerospace, defense, automotive, and other clients with comprehensive nondestructive testing; contact us today.

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