Used heavily in transportation design validation, GMW 3172 testing helps ensure the durability and functionality of electronic components in corrosive environments. We can support programs with virtually any condition listed in the standard, including environmental conditioning and functional tests.

GMW 3172 testing provides data about how electronics and exposed surfaces will fare in salt-heavy environments, including coastal areas and winter-treated roads. With years of experience in both automotive testing and corrosion studies, our experts can help you design a GMW 3172 test program that conforms to test requirements while meeting your product’s unique needs.


GMW 3172 Test Requirements

GMW 3172 is applicable for most electronic components used in modern vehicles, particularly those with the potential to be exposed to passengers. Testing is often performed on operating components to record the point of failure, ensuring that equipment can continue to operate safely under normal conditions. Our labs can provide testing for ambient, humid and dry conditions, depending on the application.

Since many of the requirements for GMW 3172 testing depend on the type of equipment being tested, we can help you determine cycle count, duration and environmental factors for your specific products. Our experts measure the extent and rate of corrosion during and after testing, providing data to validate or improve manufacturing and design processes.


The Element advantage

Our labs are accredited to ISO 17025 ensuring the specification for Electrical/Electronic (E/E) components comply to global and industry standards for environmental and durability testing.

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gmw 3172 cyclic corrosion testing

Other GMW 3172 Capabilities

In addition to salt spray and corrosion, our labs offer additional GMW 3172 methods to ensure total product safety and integrity.

Some of our additional test methods include:

  • Durability and Life Cycling
  • Thermal Shock
  • Humidity Testing
  • Vibration and Mechanical Shock
  • EMC Testing

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