Regulatory focus on PFAS, including PFOS and PFOA substances, is steadily increasing in order to protect human health and the environment. PFOS and PFOA testing with Element’s experienced technicians can ensure that you remain compliant with a range of evolving regulatory standards.

Perfluorooctanesulphonic Acid (PFOS) and Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) are two of the most commonly used and heavily regulated PFAS substances. These substances are found at many manufacturing and waste/wastewater treatment facilities among others and have had widespread use in everyday products like adhesives, fabrics, and fast-food wrappers as well as performance chemicals such as firefighting foams. Because they are highly resistant to degradation, fairly water-soluble, and are prone to bind to soil organic matter, they can be extremely problematic to remove from the environment once released. 

Element uses LC-MS/MS instruments to test for a standard PFAS suite (13 individual substances), which includes PFOS and PFOA. Additional PFAS substances of concern can also be included where required. There are thousands of PFAS compounds and it is not generally possible to analyze for every individual substance. In circumstances where the Total PFAS concentration is required, we offer a method for Total Oxidisable Precursors referred to as “TOPs,” which allows a broad estimate of the sum of PFAS present in the sample. 

All testing is based on USEPA methodologies, to LOD’s suitable to assess compliance with drinking water guidelines and the sub ppt EU EQS levels.

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