With one of the largest electronics markets in the world, MIC certification and conformity to Japan Radio Law is becoming an increasingly important approval for electronics manufacturers. Element is one of a handful Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) outside of the country, and is uniquely situated to assist with Japan radio approvals.

Japan Radio Law for wireless devices

To sell your radio or wireless product in Japan, you must certify your product per Japan Radio Law requirements. Current legislation requires a product to be examined, licensed and inspected by a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB), a nationally recognized organization granted authority to certify products for safe use.

As a CAB, Element will assess your telecommunications, radio and wireless products to ensure compliance to MIC certification. After completing a license application, we will examine your product for safety, functionality and conformance, and issue a pre-license. Once this is done, the product will undergo a final inspection; upon completion of the inspection, a full license will be issued, and the product can be taken to market. 

Depending on the type of product and intended use, we can issue JRF and JPA approval certifications under Japan Radio Law.

Additional MIC certification services

While MIC certification covers many of the approvals needed to market products in Japan, some equipment types may need additional testing and certification to become compliant. Element provides the following services, including:

EMC testing for unintentional radiators (VCCI)

Additional safety testing measures that may be required

Our global approvals experts also provide the filing services necessary for the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to approve your product, smoothing the path to certification and reducing time to market.Our testing and certification program covers the main sections of MIC certification for data transmission equipment, zigbee, WLAN and more. 

Standards We Test To

To meet Japan Radio Law, our radio certification testing is performed according to Technical Regulations Conformity Certification standards. The sections that we test include:

  • Article 8
  • Article 19
  • Article 19-2
  • Article 19-3
  • Article 19-3-2
Early Stage Qualification (ESQ®)

One of the best ways to prepare your products for wireless testing and certification is to test early and often. Our unique Early Stage Qualification services work with your design team, evaluating prototypes and components to reveal potential issues, and make simple modifications before investing in a full-scale product and final testing. Our team of experts will work with you from the initial design phase through the testing and approval of radio products and components. Element’s ESQ expertise provides guidance on relevant regulatory requirements before you reach the testing and approvals stage. Our goal is to help you achieve first time success, and mitigate the risk of missing critical regulatory deadlines.

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