Update to FCC RF Equipment Authorization Program Extends Transition to FCC Recognized Accreditation

In 2015 the FCC announced that it would require laboratories that test for certification or DoC to be accredited starting July 13, 2016. 

Labs located in non MRA countries, including China, would not be FCC recognized as accredited.

An excerpt from FCC update below extends the July 13, 2016 date for accreditation of test labs through July 12, 2017. It also refers to a KDB guidance on Accreditation Bodies.

AMENDMENT OF PARTS 0, 1, 2, AND 15 OF THE COMMISSION'S RULES REGARDING AUTHORIZATION OF RADIOFREQUENCY EQUIPMENT, AMENDMENT OF PART 68 REGARDING APPROVAL OF TERMINAL EQUIPMENT BY TELECOMMUNICATION CERTIFICATION BODIES. Describe how to implement the rules that govern how to recognize laboratories as accredited and authorized to perform the compliance testing associated with applications for equipment certification. by MO&O. (Dkt No. 13-44 RM-11652 ). Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 06/14/2016 by Order on Reconsideration. (FCC No. 16-74). OET  FCC-16-74A1.docx  FCC-16-74A1.pdf.

Element’s global network of product compliance testing laboratories includes fully accredited and FCC recognized testing labs.

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