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Zigbee 3.0 certification takes over

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By Engaged Expert Jonathan Harros

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The zigbee 3.0 Certification Program Has Replaced zigbee Home Automation and zigbee Light Link Certification Programs. 

The zigbee 3.0 certification program is now the main certification path for all new zigbee products intended for the home automation and lighting market.

On May 15 2017, the zigbee alliance closed its certification program for zigbee Home Automation (ZHA) and zigbee Light Link (ZLL), officially ending the bridging period that began when the zigbee 3.0 certification program was launched.

Zigbee has become the technology of choice for bringing the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) into the Smart Home, providing the ability to deliver an integrated ecosystem of home monitoring, energy management, heating and cooling, security and convenience devices.

zigbee 3.0 brings more of a “plug and play” feel to the technology

Designed specifically for the Internet of Things, zigbee 3.0 brings more of a “plug and play” feel to the technology, allowing products to be easily installed by users with little experience of zigbee. Backward compatible with both ZHA and ZLL, it provides manufacturers of Smart Home and IoT products with greater interoperability and therefore the opportunity for greater product innovation.

Testing will be more rigorous

Because of these advancements, testing will inevitably be more rigorous for zigbee 3.0, as more interoperability permutations needing to be considered and covered as part of the certification process. The new zigbee test tool (ZTT), which will be the official test tool used by alliance recognized Test Houses when undertaking any formal certification testing, was developed by Element following our selection by the zigbee alliance and in recognition of our technical expertise and experience in zigbee testing.

Easy to use tool available for all alliance members

The easy to use tool will be available for all alliance members, ensuring manufacturers of zigbee products are able to perform testing of their designs at every stage of the development process. This will enable the identification of any potential problems prior to submitting products for formal certification testing.

For more information regarding testing products to meet zigbee 3.0's certification program, please contact us or call UK +44 808 234 1667 or US +1 888 786 7555.

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