Enabling your Innovation

Industry 4.0, otherwise known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or "smart manufacturing", is where physical production and operations are brought together via a combination of smart digital technology, machine learning, and big data to create a more holistic and better-connected ecosystem for companies, particularly within the manufacturing and supply chain management sectors.

This will inevitably result in a massive increase in machine-to-machine communication, using cognitive technology and systems to make their own decisions about solving problems, including artificial intelligence. The systems and robots that will be generated by this, will result in use cases ranging from relatively simple activities such as vacuuming the house, to building the house, picking the regular shopping items as well as delivering them to your door, via autonomous vehicles, both aerially and using land-based systems and solutions. 

Clearly, when machines are themselves making more fundamental decisions on how and where they operate, safety becomes a critical factor in their ultimate adoption and utilization by companies and society in general.  Element is already working with many of the world’s leading standards writing bodies, industry forums and manufacturers, to make certain that the devices produced as part of IIoT to provide the right levels of safety, functionality and interoperability tests and certification services, that will be needed for both regulatory and industry approvals. 

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