Element offers a range of advanced and application oriented Engineering Services to help solve a wide variety of mechanical engineering and structural engineering analysis problems for the global Oil & Gas sector. These include:

Our highly trained team of Engaged Experts, located across Europe and the USA possess hundreds of “man years” of experience in providing consulting and advisory services to the Oil & Gas Majors and their Supply Chain partners from the R&D phase of a product or components design, through prototyping phases and on in to production and active service.


Engineering Critical Assessments (ECAs)

ECAs are designed to evaluate the significance of any flaws within a structure or component with respect to structural integrity, achieving this by determining the maximum flaw size that can be tolerated with respect to fracture, fatigue growth or plastic collapse under specified loading conditions within its intended design life.


Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Services

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a computer based methodology used to analyse the strength of complex structures and systems to provide an accurate prediction of how a material, product or component is likely to respond when they are subjected to thermal and structural loads in service. Element offers advanced FEA services on metallic and advanced material based products and components to support product development, simulation of service loading conditions, design optimization, product life time estimation and failure analysis.


Failure Analysis

Component failure is not an option for any Oil & Gas company. But in the event one happens, Element has the experts to help you manage and resolve any failure that you have. Element’s experienced team of scientists, engineers and technicians possess hundreds of ‘man years’ in carrying out detailed failure analyses as a result of; material defects, fracture, errant heat treatments, overloading, fatigue, corrosion, embrittlement and environmental damage.