At a time of softening oil prices, significantly lower margins and rapidly aging infrastructure approaching their ‘end of life’, implementing a robust asset integrity program is crucial. The overall goal of any asset management program within the Oil & Gas sector is to sustainably manage and maintain corporate assets more effectively to ensure that they are safe, reliable and operationally efficient. Integral to this is safeguarding the personnel that operate these assets and their working environment.

With over 100 years of Oil & Gas industry experience, Element’s team of internationally located Engaged Experts are ideally placed to help meet these challenges. 

We provide a range of NDT and Asset Integrity Support services for our Oil & Gas clients which support their infrastructure, facilities, and equipment and are designed to maximize the reliability and availability of equipment, minimize maintenance costs and improve staff and equipment productivity from deployment to "end of life".

These services include:


Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

Element’s Non Destructive Testing (NDT) services are designed to comply with government contracts, military specifications, industry standards and your requirements. Our testing services are timely, accurate and confidential, and are available in our laboratories or at your site.


Engineering Critical Assessments (ECAs)

ECAs are designed to evaluate the significance of any flaws within a structure or component with respect to structural integrity, achieving this by determining the maximum flaw size that can be tolerated with respect to fracture, fatigue growth or plastic collapse under specified loading conditions within its intended design life.



Welding is a critical fabrication process used to fabricate or repair metal or thermoplastic based products and as such is fundamental to the global engineering and manufacturing community. As modern welding technology and techniques advance, the resultant welded products become more technically complex, and therefore require more training and support to meet increasingly stringent industry and regulatory compliance requirements.


Failure Analysis

Component failure is not an option for any Oil & Gas company. But in the event one happens, Element has the experts to help you manage and resolve any failure that you have. Element’s experienced team of scientists, engineers and technicians possess hundreds of ‘man years’ in carrying out detailed failure analyses as a result of; material defects, fracture, errant heat treatments, overloading, fatigue, corrosion, embrittlement and environmental damage.