Element’s microbiological analysis services can detect microorganisms such as specific bacteria, yeast, and molds. Our global laboratories offer testing in water, soil, sludge, sewage and sediment to identify dangerous pathogens that may put human health at risk. 

Element can offer an analysis of a diverse range of materials and liquids to identify common bacteria and molds. We offer characterization, assessment, contamination source evaluation, and impact assessment of hazardous microorganisms to ensure water, soil, and consumer products comply with regulations and are safe for consumption.

Bacterial, yeast and mold analysis in soil

Soil is a favorable habitat for microscopic organisms, including bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa, and viruses. Bacteria make up the most abundant group of microorganisms in soil, followed by actinomycetes and fungi. Although microscopic life is essential to the nutrient process, many bacterial life forms are detrimental to plant growth, and identification of particular bacteria or fungus is important for treating plant disease. 

Bacterial, yeast and mold analysis for drinking water

We can identify a wide range of molds and yeasts from water samples using culture plates or site visits. We can test for coliforms, E.coli, yeast and mold, staphylococcus, salmonella, sulfate, legionella, and iron using microscopic examination.

Microbiological analysis and testing

Element’s microbiology testing services are a crucial requirement across many industries where products, processes, and human health are at risk of being negatively affected by the presence and breeding of microorganisms. We provide a full auditing service to monitor water, air and soil samples to determine if E.coli, salmonella, yeast and mold are present at harmful levels.

For more information on microbiological analysis methods for bacteria, yeast and mold, please get in touch with our environmental experts today.  

Standards we test to

Several test methods have been developed to ensure the safety of water, food, and soils, which are routinely exposed to molds and fungi. Element is ISO 17025 accredited and offers a full suite of tests methods including:

  • ISO 846
  • ASTM G21 
  • ISO 22196 
  • ASTM C1338
  • ASTM D3273

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