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Deadline approaches for FCC Test Laboratories

Simon Barrowcliff
By Engaged Expert Simon Barrowcliff

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Within a few weeks, the new FCC rules for acceptance of radio test reports come into effect. Up until now, manufacturers have had the choice of using FCC Listed or FCC Recognized Accredited Test Laboratories. 

After 13 July 2016, only FCC Recognized Accredited Test Laboratories located in countries with mutual recognition agreements (MRAs) with the USA may be used for the radio certification approval process. This will restrict FCC testing for certification of radio equipment to Australia, Canada, the EU, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan. Note that China is not yet on this list even though negotiations between the USA and China are ongoing. Even within MRA countries, many existing test laboratories have not yet completed the formal accreditation process. 

Element has operated within the FCC system for many years as a test laboratory and certification body. We have already completed our accreditation process for testing as an FCC Recognized Accredited Test Laboratory and for certification an FCC TCB. This completes our recognition scope for North America, following our successful appointment as an ISED - Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (formerly “Industry Canada”) - certification body earlier this year. 

The radio certification team at Element can help you make the most of your export opportunities in the USA and Canada. Please contact us for more information.

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