In a sector where the application of ever more sophisticated technology and asset assurance are a constant, Element has developed a long and proud track record of supporting those oil and gas organisations who are at the forefront of exploration, production and refining.

Through the provision of one of the most comprehensive ranges of technically demanding oil and gas testing services in the sector, we help to make certain that the performance of highly complex oil and gas infrastructure assets are always of a high quality and are safe, compliant and ultimately fit for purpose.

Our teams of oil and gas testing Engaged Experts are committed to delivering independent testing and inspection services on safety and performance. We lead the way in corrosion testing, coatings testing, asset life management, failure analysis, metallurgical testing, advanced materials testing, hardness testing and environmental testing and non-destructive inspection. We also have recognised capabilities in critical welding services, including weld procedures and weld certification services for pipelines and other oil and gas infrastructure assets.

Oil and Gas testing services that help make certain that your projects remain on time, anywhere in the world

With over 100 years’ experience in the sector, Element understands the testing required to support the global oil and gas industry. We recognise the commercial and operational demands facing your organisation and create solutions that support you at every stage of your product lifecycle and, with a truly global footprint, we can meet your testing needs, whenever and wherever you need them.

Elements range of oil and gas testing services include:

  • ASTM fuel testing
  • Charpy impact test
  • Coatings formulation and testing
  • Coatings testing and consultancy
  • Conventional and oil sands core testing
  • Core analysis
  • Corrosion testing
  • Drop weight tear tests
  • Engineering critical assessment
  • Environmental monitoring assessment
  • Failure analysis and Expert Witness services
  • Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue testing
  • Full ring test (FRT) / Full ring corrosion testing
  • Geotechnical services
  • Metallurgical testing
  • Oil testing
  • Onsite testing
  • Petroleum testing
  • Pipe reeling and impact studies
  • Pipeline coating testing,
  • Corrosion testing
  • Pipeline failure analysis and inspection
  • Polymer testing and plastics testing
  • Reservoir engineering and fluid analysis
  • Specialist engineering
  • Steel Catenary Riser (SCR) fatigue
  • Weld procedure qualification testing
  • Welder performance qualification
  • Welding certification and consultancy



Element in Oil & Gas

Element has been successfully operating within the Oil & Gas sector for over 100 years. 

We have a proven track record in consistently delivering accurate test results and certificates on time, providing our clients with the confidence to make the right technical decisions when building and deploying their products and services. 

So whether you are involved in development, production, drilling, processing or environmental remediation, you can rely on Element.

Featured Services

Materials Characterization and Testing

Element has over 100 years' experience in materials characterization, evaluation, selection and application from a research, quality, performance and troubleshooting perspective for metals, polymers, rubbers and elastomers.

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Fatigue, Fracture Mechanics & ECA Services

Element provides a comprehensive suite of fatigue, fracture mechanics and Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) services that are designed to meet all relevant internationally recognized codes and standards.

Featured Services

Corrosion Services

Through its global network of corrosion control and evaluation testing laboratories, backed by our world-class team of corrosion consultants, Element provides an extensive range of sour corrosion services and environmental simulations following such international protocols as ISO, ASTM, IP MIL, NACE, FTM and others to a consistent standard of technical excellence.

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Coatings Services

Element provides a comprehensive range of coatings research; compositional analysis; accelerated weathering; cyclic corrosion testing; abrasive performance and paint failure investigations to our clients across a diverse range of industry sectors.

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Weld Testing

No Oil & Gas company can afford for a component to fail in service so there is now more of an emphasis on knowledge about how components will behave once they are in service, particularly in ultra-deepwater environments.  This is where the testing of welds becomes vitally and fundamentally important, and why new techniques can offer operators and their supply chain partners peace of mind, alongside long term cost savings. 

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Innovation and Research

Element has many years experience in running Joint Industry Projects (or JIPs) and Public Sector Funded Projects (PSP’s) for its clients to develop new technical solutions, industry standards & recommended practices to solve a diverse range of technical and commercial challenges within the Oil & Gas sector.

Featured Services

NDT and Asset Integrity Support Services

With over 100 years of experience, Element’s team of internationally located Engaged Experts are ideally placed to support your Asset Integrity Management programs through our comprehensive range of Asset Integrity Support Services

Featured Services

Failure Analysis Services

Component failure is not an option for any Oil & Gas company. But in the event one happens, Element has the experts to help you manage and resolve any material or product failure problems that you have.  Element’s experienced team of scientists and engineers have hundreds of ‘man years’ in carrying out detailed failure analyses . 

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Hydrocarbon Analysis and Testing

Element provides both Gas Analysis and Gas Calibration Standards Manufacturing Services to the Natural Gas Supply Chain including a variety of Gas Production, Processing, Pipeline and Transportation organizations.

Featured Services

Environmental Impact Services

With over 60 years of third-party testing service experience to clients around the world, Element is a recognized leader in the fields of Analytical and Bioassay testing services and can help you to demonstrate the highest possible standards of environmental stewardship and socially-responsible performance.


Specialty Gas Standards and Equipment

Element manufactures specialty gas standards including liquid natural gas calibration standards; natural gas calibration standards and a full range of high performance specialty gas equipment such as heating jackets, regulators, piston cylinders.


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