Element has over 25 years of failure analysis experience with polymeric materials and polymer based components and products used in the Oil and Gas, Aerospace, and Transportation industries.  


We have been involved in providing failure analysis services on:

  • Pumps and valves (ball, butterfly, pressure relief, bonnet, flow control)
  • Hoses (bunker, choke/kill, sampling, diesel & potable water transfer, umbilical)
  • Drilling and production equipment (compressors, plate heat exchangers, packers, BOP, sub sea and surface test trees, liner hangers, well tractors, swivels)
  • Pipelines for natural gas and chemical processing (coatings, liners)
  • Miscellaneous (vent plug, burst disc, pulsation dampener, hammer lug union, pig trap door, dump pit liner, harbor fender, flange gaskets)
Our proven failure analysis approach is to develop a thorough understanding of the failed component’s service environment by working with our clients to gather relevant data from the field, such as:  
  • Component location and function (engineering drawings)
  • Material type and grade (data sheet, part label)
  • Service conditions (fluids, temperature, pressure, duration)
  • Design conditions (temperature, pressure, static/dynamic)
  • Previous issues with this or similar components
Our tried and tested failure analysis techniques include:
  • Forensic inspection and cataloging of the damaged component (microscopes, SEM)
  • Component measurement (dimensions)
  • Material characterization (hardness, density, mechanical)
  • Material/fluid type analysis (FTIR, NMR, GC-MS, TGA, DSC, XRD)
  • Material-fluid compatibility assessment (fluid exposure vessels; ovens)
  • Machining to facilitate inspection and extract test specimens (lathes, saws, CNC)

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