Element's product testing labs provide lightning testing to meet the requirements of RTCA DO-160 as well as commercial aviation and military standards. The flexibility of our lightning test system allows us to provide nearly any waveform/transient desired. 

Capabilities include Level 5 for all of the RTCA/DO-160E/F/G, Section 22 test waveforms and methods. 
  • Pin-injection testing
  • Cable bundle testing 
  • Single-Stroke, Multiple Burst, Multiple Stroke at Level 1 to 5 (and higher)

Element also offers DO-160, Section 23: Lightning Direct Effects testing by way of a partner laboratory in the US.

In addition to RTCA/DO-160E/F/G, the new equipment also allows us to offer indirect lightning waveforms and test levels that meet the requirements of: 

  • Boeing D6-16050-4 & D6-16050-5
  • Airbus ABD0100 
  • Many other military and commercial standards.

This capability compliments our High level HIRF and Power Quality capabilities to offer unparalleled coverage of your EMI testing needs for the Aerospace and Military industries.


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