While railroads play a vital role in infrastructure systems across the globe, heavy loads can threaten the safety and integrity of tracks, ties and fasteners. We provide dedicated railroad fatigue and vertical compression testing using state of the art equipment, helping to ensure that your products continue to perform as expected and keep the world running smoothly. 

Because of the unique and complex nature of railroad systems, we have developed custom, high-powered frames specifically for testing AREMA Chapter 30 vertical load (compression) and repeated load (fatigue) of a wide variety of rail components. With a long history providing testing and quality control services for governments and professional organizations, you can be confident that our programs lead the industry in accuracy, reliability and project management expertise.

Vertical Load Compression Testing

Recreating a single force from a heavy load, vertical compression testing helps determine the ultimate strength of concrete railroad ties, steel and metal rails, and fastener components. Using up to 750,000 lbs of force, we can provide test data to simulate multiple conditions, from a fully-loaded freight train to an empty passenger car.  

Repeated Load Fatigue Testing

We understand that rolling weight provides a unique set of challenges, and our dynamic test frames are set up to accurately replicate high-load, heavy-use conditions. We perform fatigue testing at levels up to 120,000 lbs of force, and can run both long-term and short-term rail fatigue projects.

In addition to vertical compression and fatigue testing, we can provide failure analysis services for parts that experienced breaks or defects in the field, including welded components, spikes and fasteners.

Our Railroad Compression and Fatigue Testing Equipment

With equipment specially designed to provide multiple tests as quickly and effectively as possible, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes with world-class testing. 

Some of our capabilities include:

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