From shipping heavy goods across borders to transporting people at high speeds, the rail industry continues to move the world forward in new and innovative ways. We provide railroad ties and fasteners testing to manufacturers and operators, helping to ensure that this vital industry is as safe and efficient as possible.

Railroad ties, and by extension fasteners, are vital to the success of locomotive transportation. Our testing services help ensure that your products can withstand the extreme loads and cyclic stress characteristic of the industry. Using a variety of mechanical strength techniques, we can evaluate products for longevity, durability and ultimate strength.

Types of Rail Fastening Testing

Using standards such as AREMA Chapter 30, we provide a comprehensive suite of railroad ties and fasteners testing, validating their fitness to handle different levels of stress and load. Our experts have years of experience in the rail and transportation industries, and can help you understand how different forces will affect your materials over time. 

Some of the rail ties and fasteners testing services we provide include:

  • Longitudinal Restraint Test: Evaluating the performance of rail fastening systems, longitudinal restraint determines how much energy is absorbed by ties and fasteners, and how much is transferred to other structures (such as bridges)
  • Vertical Restraint Test: Vertical restrain testing assesses the strength of coupling fasteners on rails, ensuring that rolling weight can be evenly distributed between sections of rail without failure.
  • Repeated Load Test: This method helps us measure how well steel rails, fasteners and ties perform under consistent use with heavy loads
Additional Rail Testing Services

We understand the complex nature of rail components, and provide additional testing to ensure that you have a complete picture of your products and materials. From microscopy services to EMC testing, we help you ensure that your projects are successful from start to finish.

Our additional fastener system testing includes:

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