About Element Linköping - Tannefors 

Element Linköping - Tannefors provides materials expertise and testing services in a wide range of materials covering metals, composites, adhesives, sealants, elastomers, coatings, fuels and lubricants.

We specialize in materials and process qualification including compatibility studies, with expertise in the properties and opportunities of different materials, how they are affected during production and what happens when they are exposed to stresses in their operating environment.  

The Linköping facilities originate in the aerospace and defence industries since the early days of aviation. We hold a wide range of ISO 17025 accreditations and Nadcap accreditation for metals and non-metals.

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Linkoping Tannefors Nadcap Materials Certificate
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  • Linkoping Tannefors Nadcap Materials Scope
    PDF - 392.6 KB View
  • Linkoping Tannefors Nadcap Nonmetals Certificate
    PDF - 105.28 KB View
  • Linkoping Tannefors Nadcap Nonmetals Scope
    PDF - 393.09 KB View

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