Our EMC laboratories in the US and UK hold a range of accreditations and approvals including BS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 from NVLAP, A2LA or UKAS, approval to ISO 9001:2008, and are a Notified Body against the EMC Directive.

Within our labs, we test thousands of products every year. We have the largest capacity in the UK for electromagnetic testing commercial and industrial electronic devices to meet regulatory, as well as contractual requirements for a diverse range of products.

Our industry leading capacity and expertise help our customers get their products to international markets faster and allows them to confidently publish their European Declaration of Conformity that demonstrates compliance with the European EMC Directive which is necessary for CE Marking.

We are experts in helping companies satisfy the regulations of nearly 200 countries around the world; enabling our clients to export and sell their products globally, access new markets and drives growth.

Examples of commercial EMC testing services include
  • Electromagnetic compatibility testing to meet FCC CFR47 part 15 requirements for North America and ICES requirements for Canada
  • Conducted & radiated electromagnetic immunity/susceptibility testing
  • Conducted & radiated electromagnetic emissions testing
  • EMC testing for E-marking on sub-assemblies and whole vehicles
  • On-site EMC surveys/testing
Common regulatory standards
  • IEC/EN61000-4-x series
  • IEC/EN61000-6-x series
  • IEC/EN61000-3-2&3
  • IEC/EN61326-x series
  • IEC/EN55022
  • IEC/EN55032
  • IEC/EN55024
  • IEC/EN50121-x
  • EN301 489-x series
  • IEC/EN60601-1-2
  • IEC/EN60945
  • FCC CFR47 part 15
  • ICES-003
  • GR-1089-CORE

Wireless (Radio)

We work with Chipset Vendors though to those integrating radio modules to enable them to deliver their wireless and radio products to market. 

Telecommunications Equipment

Element has over 50 years experience in working with many of leading telecoms companies of the world, from the initial product design phase of their products with our Early Stage Qualification (ESQ®) services to support them through the testing and approval of telecoms components and help them take their product to the global market. 

Medical Equipment

We work with manufacturers of electrical medical devices from the conception of their products with our medical regulatory affairs experts, who identify the appropriate testing standards for your medical products. This helps to remove both the cost and risk from medical product verification and validation during the formal testing phase.

Multimedia (including IT and AV products)

Our labs throughout Europe and North America are structured and equipped to comprehensively test to the various aspects of multimedia standards including the acoustic and telecom requirements in addition to the traditional IT and audio visual aspects.

Laboratory Equipment

Our EMC labs in North America and Europe are fully equipped to test for all products covered by the scope of the standards including International EMC standard IEC 61326.

Rail Equipment

Our EMC test services for rail environment cover both testing of products in the lab environment in addition to site surveys, track side. Our test chambers are large enough to accommodate a whole locomotive and our staff competent to work track side in a live environment.

Marine Equipment

Our test facilities for both EMC and environmental provide a comprehensive portfolio of tests to ensure that whatever your marine equipment and no matter where its located, we have a test solution that matches your needs.

Consumer Electronics

The corresponding EMC standards for household equipment are as comprehensive now as multimedia standards and also cross reference to radio (international radiator) requirements when they embed wireless functionality like ZigBee, Wi-Fi, PLC/BPL etc.

Whole vehicles and automotive sub-assemblies

Element operates accredited EMC laboratories in the US and the UK and appointed as a Technical Service with the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). This allows us to conduct automotive EMC testing and validation of both whole vehicles and their sub-assemblies for civilian, industrial and military vehicles to support E Marking or specific military standards.

Additional Product Testing Services

In addition to EMI/EMC testing, Element offers an extensive range of product qualification testing including environmental simulation, mechanical, safety, structural, operational, functional and performance testing as well as fluid conveyance testing and specialty tests including hail and bird strike, fuel icing and combined environmental and operational reliability testing.

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