In an effort to increase safety, lighting and glass manufacturers have been increasing safety standards by creating products that better protect from debris, improve illumination on roadways and increase product durability and performance. Element want to be your partner, helping you get your products to market faster and meeting your deadlines.

From headlights to tail lights, stop lamps, fog lights, LED/incandescent lighting, windshield, sun/moon roofs, and other components, Element's experts are here to provide you with the certainty you need.  Being one of the few third party testing laboratories that can test to ANSI Z26.1 and other industry standards you know that your testing is being done right the first time, every time.

Our lighting and glass testing capabilities represents only one of a comprehensive range of services to meet your component and system testing requirements. 


Humidity Testing

Accelerated Weathering

Accelerated weathering allows manufacturers to evaluate performance of their products under extreme conditions, providing a documented basis of comparison and detailed information that can be critical to production planning and specifications. Our capabilities include xenon arc, carbon arc, UV exposure and ozone testing.

Failure Analysis Services

Failure Analysis

Failure analysis and consulting can be integral parts of the development and life cycle of a component. Design, selection of materials, manufacturing and service conditions can cause component failures, either singly or in combination. Element's engineers and scientists are experts at failure analysis and consulting on a wide variety of materials. 

SEM Testing

Metallography and Micro Examination

Skilled metallurgists, engineers and failure analysts from Element provide companies with metallography and microscopy services, using advanced instrumentation, in order to answer important questions about their materials and products--questions like what elements or alloys are present in this metal? And, what is the microstructure of this sample? 

Environmental Chamber

Climatics & Environmental Simulation

Element can simulate a wide variety of environmental conditions to recreate those encountered by products, parts, test components, or systems in field use. In addition, simulated conditions can be combined with operational requirements such as power/loading, hydraulic and pneumatic operation, and conditioned fuel, oil, or air.

Dynamics Testing

Dynamics Testing

Element operates dynamics testing facilities to measure and evaluate the responses of parts or systems to the dynamic forces they encounter.  Our experienced engineers are here to help you meet the requirements you need for your specifications or validation requirements.


HALT & HASS Testing

Expert operators conduct testing with HALT / HASS equipment at several Element locations in the U.S., providing extremely accurate simulations of real-life conditions your product or parts may endure.

EMC and EMI chamber

Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Services

With laboratories accredited by UKAS and A2LA to ISO/IEC 17025, Element has a proven record of delivering high-volume as well as customized solution EMC testing to multiple standards including RTCA/DO-160, MIL-STD-461 and Def-Stan 59-411. Our team of Engaged Experts provides EMI and EMC testing of products and components for Element's clients, which include globally-recognized Aerospace, Transportation and Defense companies and their primary supplier base.

Electrical Testing

Electronics Testing Methods

Element tests electrical and electronic components and systems for automotive, military, aerospace and consumer products. Whether a simple temperature and performance cycling durability test or an extensive design or production validation program, Element's engineering staff is among the testing industry's most experienced.


Sand & Dust Testing

Sand and dust testing provides a basis for evaluating the performance of military, construction, commercial, or consumer end-user products to real-life conditions in various regions of the world


Our team of over 6,700 Engaged Experts in North America, Europe, The Middle East, Australia, Asia and Africa are ready to help you.

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