Element provides EMC and Radio/Wireless testing services to help ensure your consumer electronics products meet regulatory compliance requirements. With our expertise and leading-edge technology, we can quickly and efficiently bring your electrical products to market from the R&D phase to Global Market Access. 

What is consumer electronics testing?  

There is an expectation that when we pick up and use an everyday product, it does the job that we want to use it for and it does it safely. To ensure this happens there is legislation in place that places certain safety and performance requirements on a wide range of products, including consumer electronics. The assessment and testing that is required depends upon many factors such as product type, intended use, and intended global markets and is often governed by the standards or specifications that apply. 

To ensure that products such as household appliances, IT and multimedia equipment, measuring or monitoring instruments, and similar products are electrically safe, do what they are supposed to, and do so in a safe way, Element’s product safety and EMC test laboratories and their experienced team of expert engineers can undertake the testing necessary to determine a product’s conformity.


Why consumer electronics testing is important? 

Induction cooking appliances, utility meters, wearable technology, wireless power charging (WPT), and washing machines all contain sophisticated microprocessor-based electronics that perform safety functions in some cases and have wireless capabilities in others. As consumer electronics become more complex, they have the potential to cause interference if they are not tested or certified properly.


Testing and product certification 

Element tests and certifies electronic devices, products, and components for EMC, Electrical Product Safety Testing, HAC, OTA, SAR, and Radio/Wireless testing. This ensures that your product can quickly enter the global consumer and industrial markets.

In addition to CE marking, UKCA marking, FCC, ISED, MIC, RRA, and industry approvals such as PTCRB/CGF for the cellular market, we also provide Matter and Zigbee certification.


EMC testing 

EMC testing is required for many products to be sold in international markets. This can include CE Marking for Europe, FCC for the US, ISED for Canada, and other EMC regulatory requirements. 

We offer EMC testing and certification services that are accredited and recognized by many global regulatory bodies, so one test produces results and reports that are accepted worldwide.


Global market access certifications 

The Global Market Access team at Element can help you get your products certified for export to different markets around the world. We can assist with obtaining the necessary approvals and certification for selling in specific countries.


Electrical safety testing 

Electrical and electronic devices are thoroughly tested for their electrical safety, taking into account the types of people who will be using the product (layperson/untrained or professional/trained), the types of environment the product is expected to be used in (household, commercial, industrial, medical, potentially explosive, etc.), and the specific hazards that may be involved (Liquid or Dust Ingress (IP), lasers, audible noise, RF radiation, heating, battery charging, etc.).

Element are accredited to a wide range of product safety standards meaning that we can ensure your electrical products meet the relevant product safety requirements for local and global markets.


Radio and wireless compliance

The requirements for EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) for household and consumer products are just as comprehensive as multimedia standards. When these products have wireless capabilities, they also need to meet radio (intentional radiator) requirements.

We are a notified, approved, and accredited certification body that can help you test for most wireless technologies, including Bluetooth®, cellular (including LTE), near-field communications (NFC), Wi-Fi, and more. In addition, we also offer SAR, Over the Air (OTA), Radio Equipment Directive (RED), and Japan Radio Law Testing services. 


Advice and guidance 

Element’s engaged experts help you evaluate your product to reveal potential issues and advise you on any relevant standard requirements in the early stage of your product development to speed up time to market and save you time and money. 

We guide you through the entire conformity and certification process saving you money on administrative and project management costs and ensuring compliant products are delivered to market. 


The Element advantage

With many years of experience in EMC, Radio, and Electrical Safety Testing, and a global network of UKAS and similarly accredited laboratories, Element is your ideal partner to access local and international markets. 

For more information about our consumer electronics testing and certification services, or to speak to an expert, contact us today.



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