With the new “e-Mission portal” Element continues to lead and innovate in the field of testing services.

e-Mission is a groundbreaking industry online tool allowing you to plan and track your stack emission testing programs and trend your data. This advanced software allows you to easily book and arrange new testing campaigns, track progress and find historic data in one place. Furthermore, it allows users to gain additional value from their monitoring data, thanks to the innovative trending tools that graphically display compliance parameters over any timeframe. e-Mission is designed to simplify environmental compliance management and deliver data visibility to help reduce emissions and enhance operations effectiveness.

Launched in January 2021

All customers of our ISO/IEC 17025 and MCERT accredited labs in the UK and Ireland can use this new service and easily log in to take advantage of the innovative online tool for stack emissions testing. To use the advantages our e-Mission portal offers or  request your access follow the link to e-mission.powerappsportals.com. For further information send an email to e-mission@element.com or reach out to your local Element contact.