A hospital’s requirements to ensure clean operating rooms and provide patient safety, have led to more stringent disinfecting practices. As the corrosivity of disinfectants and cleaners increase, it is imperative to ensure that cleaning processes don’t degrade medical devices and products. Testing the chemical compatibility of disinfectants and medical devices is crucial to ensure the lifetime value of products.

Automated chemical compatibility testing

Automated chemical compatibility is more reliable than manual testing and provides increasingly consistent results. Testing the full product ensures that all materials and surface geometry is resistant when exposed to harsh environments. To ensure the product or material will not be damaged by  it's disinfecting process, the product must undergo compatibility testing against each chemical involved.

Faster results with automated chemical compatibility testing

Element has the ability to automate chemical compatibility testing, running multiple test setups simultaneously to increase efficiency. Chemicals are automatically applied and removed, and drying, water rinses, and other requirements are conducted according to the product's unique cleaning procedure. Because the chemicals are not applied by hand, this method can run continuously, without breaks, significantly cutting down test time.

Custom product testing

We provide professional engineering consulting services for custom product testing for our clients. We can combine our offering of testing services to simulate the conditions your product will face in its expected environment, including chemical resistance testing, accelerated aging (shelf-life studies), dynamic testing (vibration, shock, drop, impact), and environmental resistance (QUV, Xenon, salt spray).

Element provides failure analysis services to identify the root cause of any failure and delivers results to identify solutions and avoid future in-service failures.

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