Used to determine the fracture characteristics of pipelines and pressure vessels, drop weight tear testing (DWTT) is a critical part of material qualification programs for oil and gas and industrial applications. Our experts help ensure that your materials are fit for purpose in high risk, high pressure situations.

Similar to fracture toughness testing,  DWTT measures both the crack initiation and crack propagation characteristics of metallic materials at operating temperatures. By evaluating materials over a range of anticipated thermal conditions, we can help determine how working conditions will affect the strength, longevity and durability of a material.

Performing Drop Weight Tear Testing

Depending on the method used and the goal of testing, DWTT samples can be notched or unnotched samples. The specimen is dropped from a predetermined height, and the mode and extent of fracture is determined. Our experts can also use this data to make determinations about the transition temperature of materials, helping you understand how brittleness and ductility will affect your materials over time.

Our DWTT labs have the latest Data Acquisition Systems (DAS), allowing us to more accurately report energy displacement and better understand how materials are affected by drop weight tear. 

Choosing a Fracture Toughness Program

Because of the similarity in procedure and results, DWTT is often performed in conjunction with Charpy impact testing, fracture mechanics programs, or other mechanical testing methods. Our experts can help you determine which tests and methods are most appropriate for your samples, helping you get the most out of your products and materials.

Other drop weight testing methods that we offer include:

  • Nil ductility
  • Drop tower testing (up to 6000 ft/lbs)
  • Dynamic tear testing

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Standards We Test To

American Petroleum Institute

API 5 L3

American Society for Testing and Materials

ASTM E208, ASTM E436, ASTM E604

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