Eddy Current testing is an efficient and precise method. This type of nondestructive examination is particularly helpful to evaluate heat exchangers and aircraft parts and components.

In liquid penetrant nondestructive testing, dye flows into a sample's cracks and defects and makes them visible, either to the naked eye or under fluorescent light. In much the same way, Element Materials Technology scientists employing Eddy Current inspection direct electrical currents to flow over a sample.

A flow of periodic electrical currents in conductors called probes creates varying electromagnetic fields. These probes are placed in close proximity to the surfaces of the test materials, and can detect effects of processing and shaping operations during production, as well as corrosion damage or cracking for most nonmagnetic metals and alloys.

Eddy current techniques are commonly used for the nondestructive examination and condition monitoring of a large variety of metallic structures, including heat exchanger tubes, aircraft fuselage, and aircraft structural components.


Services and Standards

ASTM International

ASTM B244, ASTM E309, ASTM E376, ASTM E426, ASTM E566, ASTM E703

Aerospace Industries Association/National Aerospace Standards Metric Standard

NASM 1312-12

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