Element is the most trusted integrity testing laboratory on the market. We perform non-destructive heat exchanger testing for food, beverage, and dairy companies using our innovative Accusense system.

Accusense is a unique system, patented by Element, which is designed to discover potential faults before they become problematic and critical. It uses inert helium a tracer gas for identifying potential leaks in the primary circuits of any heat exchanger apparatus. It can find minute holes as small as five microns, which means the test can be carried out without stripping down or opening up the heat exchanger.

Unlike other conventional heat exchanger testing methods, the Accusense system takes on average five minutes per section to complete the testing process, making it an extremely time-sensitive and cost-efficient solution that minimizes disruption. 


Heat exchanger testing for the food and drink sector

The need for regular equipment inspection and testing in the food, dairy, and brewing industries has never been more critical. Increases in health scares, public interest and the insistence of large retailers on due diligence mean that companies cannot afford to neglect their responsibilities. 

Element’s integrity testing laboratories have a wealth of experience in equipment testing for heat exchangers, silos, tanks, and dryers with a broad portfolio that covers a range of testing requirements, including holding time tests.

LPI, MPI, UT, EC, and visual examination can also be deployed on-site or within the element workshop.


Bespoke integrity testing

We work closely with customers to make sure that contamination and equipment failure is avoided and devise production equipment testing programs that cater specifically for your operational needs. We also offer hydrostatic pressure testing and instrument calibration and provide on-site and laboratory services that utilize the latest production equipment testing and inspection techniques. We carry out work with minimal disruption and downtime to guarantee the consistent and reliable operation of your production facility.


Benefits of using the Accusense system

Accusense is the most sensitive and efficient in-situ testing method available in the UK and Ireland. It is:

  • Non-destructive 
  • Fast – it typically takes under five minutes per section to test and produces almost instant results, causing minimal disruption to your production environment 
  • Safe – with no residual contamination 
  • Precise  –  pinhole detection
  • Deployed on all types of heat exchangers  –  plate, tubular and scrape surface heat exchangers, even if there is water remaining in the heat exchanger 

For more information on our heat exchanger testing services or integrity testing laboratories, please contact us.

Integrity testing

The Accusense System

The Accusense System is the premier testing system used in the UK & Worldwide for checking plate and tubular heat exchangers – it is designed, developed and patented by Element.

Integrity testing

Accusense Hold Check

The Accusense hold check is a non-intrusive thermal method. The system works through conductivity, monitoring temperature increase from the beginning to the end of the holding tube. The test is carried out during production, therefore, eliminating any downtime.

integrity testing

Spray Dryer Inspection

Element are leaders in spray dryer inspection, critically examining the internal surfaces of dryers without the need to erect expensive temporary scaffolding. We use a state-of-the-art access platform and a drone to inspect the dryers.

integrity testing

Tank & Vessel Inspection

Using our Food Safe Fluorescent Dye Penetrant, this method has proven to be the best – and only – way to accurately inspect vessels. All our technicians are trained to PCN level 2 and qualified to work in confined spaces.

integrity testing

Plate Heat Exchanger Servicing

Element’s brand new state-of-the-art workshop offers maintenance and servicing of PHEs that includes re-gasket, OEM and non-original parts.

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