Understanding the properties of these coatings is critical to predicting their long term performance. Knowing properties such as paint or coating adhesion, thickness, or hardness helps you make decisions about your products and processes.

Element  offers a full range of testing laboratory and engineering services for at every stage of your product's lifecycle, including:

  • Specification and standard compliance testing
  • Field failure analysis
  • Production defects and process analysis
  • Paint and coating materials analysis
  • Paint and coating deformulation
  • Materials selection and specification development
  • Consulting
  • Line audits/troubleshooting

Services and Standards


Data generated by Element paint testing laboratories solve problems before they become costly. Testing to standards such as ASTM D610, ASTM D1475, ASTM D4587, AWWA D102, ASTM D714, GM9540P, and SAE J400 ensure quality for manufacturers and end-users and reduce costly returns and recalls. Element paint and coating experts provide:

Physical Properties Testing: Element paint testing labs help manufacturers evaluate their paint or coating products' properties and performance potential. Tests and capabilities include: paint adhesion, paint thickness, flexibility, impact resistance, and hardness. Paint or coating deformulation or material identification is a valuable testing service provided by Element experts.

Paint and Coating Accelerated Weathering: Exposure to light, heat, humidity and other environmental conditions provides critical data for predicting paint or coating performance and lifespan. Tests and capabilities include: Fluorescent UV (QUV), basic irradiance spray, controlled irradiance spray, Xenon Arc testing, controlled humidity testing, any test combined with cyclic corrosion testing.

Accelerated Corrosion Resistance and Testing: Protecting materials and products from corrosion is an important function for surface treatments like paints and coatings. Element paint testing lab experts subject samples to various corrosive environments to evaluate paint and coating performance. Tests and capabilities include: Salt Spray or ASTM B117, humidity, cyclic corrosion, fog and salt fog, dry environment, controlled temperature and humidity testing, immersion testing, Rotary and Vertical Dip / Dry.

Environmental Exposure Testing: How will your products perform in the real world? Environmental simulation and exposure provides answers that allow manufacturers to plan for successful, cost-effective products and processes. Environmental lab tests and capabilities include: Controlled Temperature / Humidity, ovens to 260°C (500°F), furnaces to 1100°C (2000°F), freezers to -100°C (-150°F), chemical compatibility, Gravelometer testing, thermal cycle testing, thermal shock testing, autoclave testing.


16 CFR Part 1303

ASTM D518, ASTM D523, ASTM D610, ASTM D714, ASTM D1005, ASTM D1475, ASTM D3335, ASTM D4145, ASTM D4674, ASTM D6899, ASTM D7091, ASTM F1776


Delphi DX900120, Delphi DX900161


Ford FLTM BI 106-01, FORD FLTM BI 123-01, FORD FLTM BN 107-01

GM4489P, GM9071P, GM9500P, GM9501P, GM9502P, GM9504P, GM9506P, GM9507P, GM9508P, GM9509P, GM9511P, GM9540P, GMNA GM3802M, GMNA GM4345M, GMNA GM4350M, GMNA GM4351M, GMNA GM4373M, GMNA GM4374M, GMNA GM4435M, GMNA GM6173M

ISO 9352

SAE J 400

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