From measuring rolling fatigue to understanding failures, our rail simulation programs use AREMA Chapter 30 Section 4.9 Test 6 requirements to create custom-built, highly realistic frames, recreating the mechanical forces associated with heavy train use. We incorporate environmental and physical factors to provide highly accurate testing with the most unique test capabilities in North America.

We perform AREMA Chapter 30 rail simulation to answer some of the toughest questions facing the railroad industry. From understanding failures to developing more durable products, we design and implement programs for your products and materials. With the ability to test concrete ties, fully assembled rails and everything in between, Element is a trusted testing partner for rail organizations across the globe.

Rail Tie and Fastener Wear and Deterioration Simulation 

Responsible for handling heavy loads and high stresses, railroad ties and fasteners break down over time and need to be regularly inspected and replaced as needed. Using our rail simulation program, we can test for wear and deterioration of rail fasteners, helping to determine their useful life span and load limits, and develop more durable products.

We also offer AREMA Chapter 30 wear and deterioration simulations to test for rail seat abrasion. By combining mechanical and environmental factors, we can create rail simulation programs that provide insights into the causes of rail seat abrasion, helping to increase product performance and determine the cause of failures.

Failure Analysis Simulations

When products fail in the field, our rail simulation programs replicate real-world conditions to understand the root cause and prevent future issues. Combining mechanical, metallurgical and weld testing methods with AREMA Chapter 30 guidelines, our comprehensive programs give you the answers you need, when you need them the most.

Some of our failure analysis methods include:

Additional Rail Simulation Capabilities

Our unique, state-of-the-art rail simulation programs provide the most accurate conditions possible, to ensure the most complete test results. In addition to mechanical strength, some of the factors that we can test include:

  • Temperatures from -40 F to 140 F
  • Humidity and ASTM B117 salt spray
  • Sand and dust ingress
  • Anchor and fastener evaluation
  • Wood, concrete and composites testing

With the capacity to test for virtually any condition, we can help you design a program to fit almost any standard, including AREMA Chapter 30 tests and beyond.

For more information about our custom rail simulation programs, or to speak with an expert, contact us today.

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