Element’s immersion testing services evaluate a coating’s resistance to in-service immersion conditions. This helps determine its suitability for corrosion protection during its service life. 

Immersion tests form the basis of many different standards, as well as being standalone tests in their own right. The basic test involves a coated test sample being fully or partially immersed in water, at ambient conditions or at elevated temperatures and pressures. The coated samples are then assessed for any signs of degradation, including blistering, cracking, and adhesion loss.  

With fully ISO 17025 compliant testing laboratories in Europe, North America and Asia, Element offers a wide range of testing for coatings evaluation including water immersion testing. From Aerospace and Oil & Gas to Transportation and Infrastructure, we deliver high quality and dependable results to our clients in many industries worldwide.

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Ambient water immersion methods

ISO 2812-2 – determination of resistance to liquids – Part 2: water immersion method
Standards which incorporate this test include:
-Norsok M-501
-ISO 12944-6
-ISO 12944-9
ASTM D870 – water resistance of coatings using water immersion
NACE TM0104, TM0204, TM0304 and TM0404 – a suite of standards for offshore installations

Elevated temperature water immersion methods

  • ISO 21809-1 – buried or submerged pipelines – hot water immersion

  • ISO 21809-2 – buried or submerged pipelines – hot water adhesion

  • ISO 21809-3 – buried or submerged pipelines – hot water immersion

  • CSA Z245.20&21 – pipe coatings – hot water adhesion

  • NACE TM0174 – evaluation of coatings in immersion service

  • ASTM D6943 – immersion testing of industrial protective coatings and linings

Elevated temperature and pressure water immersion methods

NACE TM0174 (Modified) – modified to allow elevated pressure as well as temperature and also gas mixes
Autoclave – various size vessels cover a wide range of temperatures, pressures and gas mixes

Water absorption testing

  • ISO 62 – Determination of water absorption

  • NACE TM0104 and TM0204 – Dimensional stability

Customized water immersion testing

In addition to the above test standards, Element can perform bespoke testing to meet individual project requirements and can carry out a wide range of immersion testing.

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