Element offers testing of protective coatings to Norsok M501 for offshore installations and associated facilities to help companies select the coating systems which provide optimum protection with minimum maintenance, easy application, and fully documented HS&E impact evaluations.


As an ISO 17025 approved laboratory, Element carries out testing to the highest quality standards. Our coatings experts will support you throughout the whole Norsok M501 testing program.


To deliver consistent and accurate results Element offers 3rd party witnessing of the paint applications as part of the Norsok M501 approval process. This includes pre-application checks (such as surface profile, cleanliness and salt contamination) and recording of all necessary information during the application, including air temperature, steel temperature, humidity, dew point, tip sizes, spray pressure and batch numbers.

Our Norsok M501 testing services

• System 1
• System 3B
• System 4
• System 5A
• System 7A, 7B and 7C

Our state-of-the-art laboratories are equipped with the latest testing facilities to assess performance requirements for protective paint systems exposed to the offshore environment and immersed in sea or brackish water.

Our Norsok M501 test methods

•    ISO 20340  - ageing resistance

•    ISO 15711 – cathodic disbondment (ambient temperature)

•    Norsok M-501 Annex C – cathodic disbondment (elevated temperature)

•    ISO 2812-2 – sea water immersion

•    ISO 19840  -  dry film thickness testing

•    ISO 29601 – holiday detection

•    ISO 4624  - adhesion tests    

It is essential to determine the product use and its production before deciding on the test methods and final testing requirements. Our testing engineers assist you with selecting the right type of qualification testing method based on the system the coating scheme is proposed for. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your laboratory challenges and let’s tailor the best solution together.

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