Element offers a comprehensive suite of testing for orthopedic devices including hip, knee, spinal and dental implants. In addition to full-service mechanical testing, our labs can assist with procedure review and development, predicate testing, and research & development. 

Orthopedic implants experience several forces during their use inside the body, including torsion and wear. The testing of orthopedic devices is a vital part of ensuring patient safety. 

Our orthopedic device testing services 

Element’s trusted orthopedic implant testing programs can accommodate a range of unique requirements, including in-situ environments, biological tissue testing, custom test procedures, and more. We can assist in testing a variety of sample configurations, including variations in orthopedic device models, types and functions.

As an industry leader in medical device testing, our experts are active members of prominent standards organizations, including ASTM International. For more information or to let us know how we can assist with your orthopedic device testing program, contact us today. 

Our Services

Element offers the most comprehensive range of testing and inspection services for orthopedic devices.

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Hip Implant Testing

Our hip implant testing covers a wide variety of medical device testing methods for both modular and non-modular hip implant systems. Services include long-term tests such as wear testing and fatigue testing, as well as static tests.

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Knee Implant Testing 640 x 480 May 2018

Knee Implant Testing

Element provides mechanical testing services on total knee prostheses and components, including femurs, patellas, tibial trays and tibial inserts. Services include fatigue testing, wear testing and various static tests.

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Spinal Implant Testing 640x480

Spinal Implant Testing

We offer trusted medical device testing services on fusion and non-fusion spinal devices as well as predicate components. Services include static, fatigue and wear testing in a variety of loading modes.

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Trauma Device Testing

Bone Screw, Bone Plate and Fixation Devices

Our team of experts performs destructive testing on medical bone plates and screws, along with various other internal and external fixation devices in accordance with a variety of ASTM standards, as well as client-specific test protocols.

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extremity device testing 640x480

Extremity & Shoulder Replacement Implants

Element offers mechanical testing for extremity devices, including wrist, hand, elbow, shoulder and ankle replacements. In addition to our scope of ASTM specifications, we can assist with custom projects and unique designs.

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Dental Implant Testing 640 x 480

Dental Implant Testing

Our medical device experts provide testing for a variety of dental implant test programs, including comparison studies for a range of sizes and designs.

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Microbiological Analysis 640x480

Microbiological Analysis

Element provides a wide range of microbiological analysis projects for medical devices, from pathogen and bioburden testing to endotoxin and cytotoxicity analyses.

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Porous Coating Evaluation

Porous Coating Testing

Our porous coating testing is beneficial in satisfying FDA or other regulatory body requirements, helping with research and development of new coating processes and technologies, and providing insight to compare or validate coating suppliers.

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