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Element Dublin - North Road (formerly Catalyst), is a stack emissions testing specialist. Its Dublin laboratory is one of the UK’s leading MCERTS and UKAS accredited (EA "approved") stack emissions testing facilities. In addition, it offers occupational hygiene services, including workplace exposure, LEV, and noise monitoring services tailored to your specific requirements. Element Dublin provides support for a range of customers in various sectors from EfW plants and power generation to metals finishing processes, offering services ranging from commissioning and BS EN 14181 testing to routine compliance monitoring.

Emissions testing services included compliance monitoring, using the latest MCERTS certified instrumentation; BS EN 14181 monitoring, offering a fully UKAS and MCERTS accredited emission monitoring service for both Quality Assurance Level 2 (QAL2) and Annual Surveillance Test (AST) parallel measurements; bioaerosols monitoring, offering UKAS/MCERTS accreditation for sampling of bioaerosols (biological aerosols) from stack emissions, in accordance with VDI 4257 Part 2, as required by the Environment Agency’s Technical Guidance Note M2, and covering monitoring of emissions for yeasts, moulds, bacteria and fungus, including Aspergillus Fumigastus, which mainly arises from biological processes, e.g. waste recycling industry and material recovery facilities (MRF).

As part of our stack emissions field work services at Dublin North Road laboratory, we are proud to be able to offer an innovative online e-Mission Portal for Stack Emission Testing for our customers.

Our occupational hygiene services include operator exposure monitoring, local exhaust ventilation, vibration at work, noise at work, training and onsite training in BS EN 14181, operator monitoring assessment (OMA), permit awareness and manual handling.

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Dublin North Road UKAS 17025 Certificate
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  • Dublin North Road UKAS 17025 Scope
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