About Element Dudley Yorks Park.

Element Dudley Yorks Park is our centre of excellence for corrosion testing and one of the world's leading authorities in the testing of pipeline materials for the energy sector. We are a UKAS ISO 17025 accredited laboratory with over 20 high temperature autoclaves.


Laboratory capabilities and services

The laboratory offers a full range of specialist services for pipeline materials from mechanical testing to a full range of corrosion testing and advisory services including pipeline corrosion testing for sour and non-sour applications; hydrogen testing; crevice and pitting; slow strain rate tensile testing; full ring tests including axial tension; and a full range of SCC tests.

At Element Dudley Yorks Park, our team of engaged experts recreate an extensive range of environmental conditions, to provide our customers with the key data they need on how the materials are likely perform when deployed in the field, to help them to reduce the future risk of damage to pipelines.

The team keep Element at the forefront of corrosion testing by developing new and innovative testing methods, such as SOHIC testing and full ring testing under longitudinal tensile load.

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Dudley Yorks Park Approved HIC Testing Laboratories V3 ARAMCO
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  • Dudley Yorks Park PDO
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  • Dudley Yorks Park PDO Update
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  • Dudley Yorks Park Saudi Aramco HIC
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  • Dudley Yorks Park UKAS Certificate
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  • Dudley Yorks Park UKAS Scope
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