Element's aerospace product testing labs offer both forced-air and vacuum ovens to facilitate drying, curing or the hi-vacuum bake out of electronic components, slurries, connectors, flight hardware and materials destined for space. 

Element is A2LA Accredited to perform vacuum bake out per NASA MSFC-SPEC-548 - Specification For Vacuum Baking Of Electrical Connectors For Space Applications. This specification covers the requirements for vacuum baking of electrical connectors to control stress corrosion and outgassing of the materials used in the connectors. 

Why subject parts to a drying, curing, burn-in or bake-out process?
  • Removal of moisture
  • Sterilization – Cleaning of space hardware. High-temp/high vacuum removes contaminates, controls stress corrosion and outgassing of material used in space applications.
  • Curing of epoxies
  • Heat stress
  • Electronic components – Avoiding system failures. Burn-in at elevated temperatures and voltage exercises components to determine the “first to fail” or high failure rates of system components.
  • Arcing / Corona effect – High-powered components can exhibit arcing/corona effect (electrical discharge) at high altitude.

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