We take for granted the flow of fuel, water, and other fluids in our homes and vehicles. But, subjected to extreme temperatures or gravity or pressure loads, such as in aviation and space flight, the workings of a hydraulics system can alter dramatically.

Using a range of test media that includes water, oils, fuels, and synthetic seawater, Element engineers evaluate hydraulics systems to meet quality and performance standards in aerospace, automotive, marine, military, and other industries.


Hydraulics Testing

Element's wide range of test procedures include: 

Fuel Icing Testing

Element can condition fuel to sub zero temperatures, while maintaining flow and pressure conditions. Calibrated amounts of water are then atomized into the fuel system creating the icing simulation. Samples of the fuel are extracted and analyzed using a Karl Fisher Titration system. This can resolve the water contained in the fuel down to the parts per million.

Impulse Testing

The impulse test is an accelerated life cycle test to evaluate the performance of a hose and its end fittings. This is done by subjecting the samples to elevated temperatures and pressures while applying a pulsating pressure profile. This testing will find a weak point in a hose assembly by exposing a leak in the body of the hose or a faulty interface between the hose and the end fittings. 

As well as...

  • Dimensional check
  • Proof pressure test
  • Length Change
  • Burst Strength
  • Cold Bend Test
  • Leakage Test
  • Oil Resistance Test
  • Ozone Resistance Test
  • Electrical Conductivity Test
  • Resistance to Vacuum Test
  • Volumetric Expansion Test
  • Hydraulic Hose Test
  • Pressure Pulse up to 10 HZ at 8,000 PSI


    ASTM C 33 / C33M
    ASTM C 109 / C109M
    ASTM C 157 / C157M
    ASTM C 494 / C494M
    ASTM C 511
    ASTM C1064
    ASTM D4318
    CMVSS 106 
    EN ISO 10592
    FMVSS 106
    Ford ESA-M99P26-A
    GMNA GM6140M
    MIL-PRF- 5606
    SAE AS 4273
    SAE J 343
    SAE J1401
    SAE J1405
    SAE J1833
    TM 106 

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