CE Marking is a European Regulatory concept that enables a manufacturer to perform a single suit of assessments that ensure free movement of goods within the internal market (i.e. the EU and EEA) without the burden of additional technical or administrative requirements in each Member State.

CE Marking is based on the following principles:
  • Legislation (or regulatory compliance) is limited to the essential requirements (typically performance or functional requirements) that products placed on the EU market must meet if they are to benefit from free movement within the EU;  
  • The technical specifications for products meeting the essential requirements set out in legislation is laid down in harmonised standards which can be applied alongside the legislation;
  • Products manufactured in compliance with harmonised standards benefit from a presumption of conformity with the corresponding essential requirements of the applicable legislation, and, in some cases, the manufacturer may benefit from a simplified conformity assessment procedure (in many instances the manufacturer’s Declaration of Conformity, made more easily acceptable to public authorities by the existence of the product liability legislation).
  • The application of harmonised or other standards remains voluntary, and the manufacturer can always apply other technical specifications to meet the requirements (but will carry the burden of demonstrating that these technical specifications answer the needs of the essential requirements, more often than not, through a process involving a third party conformity assessment body);

By a manufacturer applying a CE Mark to their product, they are making a declaration that their product meets the requirements of all the applicable CE Marking directive. A Declaration of Conformity unpins the physical CE mark and highlights which directives the manufacturer is declaring compliance to.

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