Measuring the impact strength of non metallic materials requires specialized methods and expertise. We leverage our polymer testing expertise to provide impact strength methods for a variety of plastics, elastomers and composites.

Our polymer testing labs perform impact strength testing to determine material properties, evaluate fitness for use, and assist in R&D and material selection and for a variety of applications. Our ASTM and ISO test methods ensure that components and materials alike meet requirements for impact strength, impact resistance and energy absorption. 


Impact Strength Test Methods

Element can provide a variety of impact strength testing methods for a wide range of projects. Our experts work with you to determine which method is most beneficial for your material or product, and can help determine how energy dynamics will affect your equipment. 

For more information about our impact strength testing services for non metallic materials, or to request a quote, contact us today.

American Society for Testing and Materials

ASTM D256, ASTM D746, ASTM D1822, ASTM D2794, ASTM D3029, ASTM D3763, ASTM D4226, ASTM D4495, ASTM D4812, ASTM D5420, ASTM D6110, ASTM D7136, ASTM E23

British Standards

BS 131

International Standards Organization

ISO 179, ISO 180, ISO 6603-2, ISO 7765-1

Japanese Industrial Standards

JIS K 5600-5-3

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non metallic impact strength testing services

Charpy and Izod Impact Testing

Commonly used on non metallic materials, Charpy and Izod testing use a swinging pendulum to determine impact resistance.

Using a swinging hammer to strike a notched sample from a known distance, Charpy and Izod testing measure how much energy is required to cause failure. In addition to determining energy absorption and impact resistance, these methods can provide insight into the

fracture toughness properties of polymers, elastomers and composites. 
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non metallic impact strength testing services

Gardner Impact Testing

Used to determine the impact resistance of supported materials, Gardner impact testing (also known as falling dart impact) uses a fixed weight falling from various heights to determine the mean failure energy of a material type. Testing is often performed to validate manufacturing processes or characterize material properties.

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non metallic impact strength testing services

Other Non Metallic Impact Test Methods

For projects with unique or challenging requirements, our labs offer additional impact testing services for virtually any applications. 

For projects with unique needs or challenging requirements, our labs offer additional impact testing services for virtually any application.

In addition to Charpy, Gardner and Izod impact testing, some of our non metallic impact methods include:

  • Multiaxial Impact (Instrumented Impact) Testing
  • DuPont Impact Testing
  • Tensile Impact Testing

Charpy vs Izod Testing

Understanding a material’s energy absorption properties is critical, as it predicts how much plastic deformation the material will be able to withstand before catastrophic failure. Read our impact testing comparison.

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