Ultraviolet radiation, temperature, and moisture are the factors that contribute to material degradation for products exposed to the elements. Accelerated weathering is the simulation of these conditions using special environmental chambers and instruments in order to speed up the weathering process and measure its effects on parts, components, products, and materials.

Accelerated weathering allows manufacturers to evaluate performance of their products under extreme conditions, providing a documented basis of comparison and detailed information that can be critical to production planning and specifications. Environmental exposure can effect almost any material, including plastics, rubbers, composites, paints and coatings, metals, textiles, stone and concrete, and much more. 


Services and Standards

  • Xenon Arc testing
  • Carbon Arc testing
  • UV Exposure testing
  • ASTM C 88
  • ASTM D5894
  • ASTM D6551/D6551M
  • ASTM G 154 (G53)
  • ASTM G 155 (G26)
  • GM9504P
  • GMW3387

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