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Element Berlin, formerly known as GEVA (Gesellschaft für Entwicklung und Versuch Adlershof GmbH), is a specialist provider of materials, product qualification and systems testing to the global Aerospace industry.


Founded in 1999, GEVA was the result of a combination of the component testing division of BMW Rolls-Royce GmbH, Oberursel (near Frankfurt) and Dahlewitz (in Berlin). Since its formation, this laboratory has consistently developed and delivered a range of highly sophisticated testing:



At Element Berlin, our customers often tell us that we are not a typical “industrial” test lab, because of our continued focus on the more technically challenging, complex, and experimental side of the testing spectrum. Our customers use us because: “we often start where other testing labs give up”.


Berlin testing capabilities

  • 2650 m² floor space 
  • 5 dedicated boxes for spin pits  
  • 3 large Spin pits, 2 horizontal spin pits & 2 small spin pits
  • Vibration and HCF chambers
  • 25m² & 50m² structural test beds up to 32 hydraulic channels
  • Depending on test service 24/7 possible


Accreditations & standards

Our accreditations consist of certification in compliance with AS/EN 9100, International Aerospace Quality Management Systems per customer standards (e.g., Rolls-Royce/SABRe) and other industrial quality guidelines, including ISO 9001:2000.


Element Berlin also works closely with its sister sites in Warwick and Seville to deliver a comprehensive environmental testing programme. It's the ideal testing partner for AerospaceEnergy, and Automotive industrial manufacturers needing to ensure their products are compliant with either industry-specific standards or in-service conditions.


Our location is in the Berlin WISTA Aera Adlershof,15 min from Berlin- Brandenburg Airport BER Motorway (Autobahn) A113, Exit #5 Adlershof, 30 min from Brandenburg Gate (Berlin Centre).


Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Berlin EN9100 Certificate
    PDF - 486.6 KB View

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