About Element Mumbai 

The material testing laboratory is one of the leading service providers in the field of material & water testing in India. Established in 1964 as an independent material testing laboratory - Metallurgical Services Pvt. Ltd., the laboratory has now become synonymous with quality material testing in India. Our 10000 sq. ft. laboratory along with over 70 skilled workforce is one of the few to provide an entire spectrum of material testing services. 

Element Mumbai offers all manner of mechanical tests, including tensile testing, impact, corrosion testing,  fatigue and fracture toughness, high-temperature tensile test, creep and stress-rupture, chemical composition of metals and alloys; as well as water testing of drinking water, effluent water, and other industrial water. We also perform determination of alpha & beta radioactive nuclides.

The ever-increasing demand for precise quality material used in today’s fast-growing industries warrants scrutinizing the properties of material with stringent tests. Our team of experts and our values of teamwork, innovation, performance, and integrity mean that our customers can rely on us to deliver their most technically demanding assignments.

The Element Mumbai testing laboratory is accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) India. The full scope of our accreditations is available for download below. 

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Mumbai BHEL Approval
    PDF - 1.64 MB View
  • Mumbai MMRC Approval
    PDF - 676.15 KB View
  • Mumbai MPSL HAL Approval
    PDF - 138.51 KB View
  • Mumbai MSPL IBR
    PDF - 271.72 KB View
  • Mumbai MSPL Metro Vendor Approval
    PDF - 849.75 KB View
  • Mumbai MSPL NABL Certificate
    PDF - 306.81 KB View
  • Mumbai NABL ISO 17025 Chemical Accreditation
    PDF - 6.84 MB View
  • Mumbai NABL ISO 17025 Mechanical Accreditation
    PDF - 2.83 MB View
  • Mumbai NABL ISO 17025 Radiological Accreditation
    PDF - 294.15 KB View
  • Mumbai PDO Approval
    PDF - 161.05 KB View
  • NABL Certificate and Scope
    PDF - 436.7 KB View

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