About Element Los Angeles

Element Los Angeles is a Polymer Matrix Composite Center of Technical Excellence.

Accredited by A2LA to ISO/IEC 17025 and Nadcap, the laboratory specializes in providing mechanical, electrical, and flammability testing of composites and other non-metallic materials to the aerospace sector. With over 50 years of experience and an international reputation for materials and industry expertise, Element Los Angeles tests a full range of materials including: composites, adhesives, plastics and polymers, elastomers, aircraft interior materials, electrical properties. 

Element Los Angeles client approvals include GE S450, Pratt & Whitney MCL, Sikorsky, and DLA. In addition to its aerospace sector clients, the laboratory also performs tests on advanced materials for the automotive, electronic and medical device sectors. 

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Los Angeles A2LA Mechanical Scope of Accreditation 0096.01
    PDF - 675.06 KB Download
  • Los Angeles Airbus Qualification 285144
    PDF - 285.1 KB Download
  • Los Angeles FAA Approval
    PDF - 330.54 KB Download
  • Los Angeles GE Aviation Special Process Certification GE T2977
    PDF - 9.27 KB Download
  • Los Angeles IHI Aproval
    PDF - 324.69 KB Download
  • Los Angeles Lockheed Martin 5PTPTT01-QPL-1
    PDF - 23.38 KB Download
  • Los Angeles Lockheed Martin 5PTPTT09-QPL-2
    PDF - 34.64 KB Download
  • Los Angeles Nadcap Nonmetallic Certificate with Scope
    PDF - 491.35 KB Download
  • Los Angeles Pratt and Whitney Approval
    PDF - 608.22 KB Download
  • Los Angeles Sikorsky Approval
    PDF - 51.92 KB Download
  • Los Angeles SwRI Approval
    PDF - 53.81 KB Download

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