Element force calibration laboratories offer calibration of force measuring devices, covering ranges from 0.1N up to 600kN in both tension and compression, with both increasing and decreasing forces.

Traceable calibration is available in both tension and compression up to 2MN.

Element force calibration capabilities

Our force capabilities include:

  • Load cells
  • Load columns
  • Load links
  • Proving rings
  • Dynamometers
  • Force gauges (digital and analogue)
  • Spring balances
  • Crane weigher
Meeting force calibration standards of accuracy

Our experts provide force calibration conform ISO 376 and ASTM E74 to UKAS and RvA compliant procedures with a high accuracy measurement uncertainty of ± 0.02% or general accuracy measurement uncertainty of ± 0.1%, and/or a traceable measurement uncertainty of ±1.0%.

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