With the help of computed tomography, manufacturers can look deep into their products and detect even the smallest deviations from the intended state.

Industrial computed tomography (ICT) is a non-destructive testing method (NDT) that uses X-rays to allow a detailed examination of an item or component. ICT is frequently used in the automotive, mechanical engineering, aerospace, foundry, forging, plastics, electronics, and additive manufacturing (3D printing) industries. The method offers precise interior views of components ranging from a few millimeters in size, such as circuits and weld seams, to larger objects such as valves and pressure vessels. Industrial CT testing is even suitable for full-size engine blocks and large-format aircraft structures.
Because the process is suitable for almost all materials, computed tomography is used to solve numerous problems, such as production defect detection, component measurement, failure analysis, and reverse engineering.

3D images of the test object

Industrial Computed Tomography systems consist of an X-ray source whose radiation penetrates the object under investigation. Depending on the density and thickness of the material, the x-rays are partly absorbed before they are registered by a detector and visualized. The size, geometry, and weight of the sample will influence the choice of methods and devices for analysis.

During the process, the test object or the X-ray sources rotate, resulting in CT images from different perspectives. From this information, the computer calculates a three-dimensional view that can be viewed on the screen and further processed with a CAD program or analysis software.

Computed Tomography - The Element advantage

Our experienced experts run CT tests according to individual customer requirements or industry-specific standards. We use modern CT equipment (180 kV-450 kV) for high-precision defect analysis on plastic, aluminum or steel parts as well as on already encapsulated electronic assemblies. A double X-ray tube (fine focus and nanofocus) enables the investigation of even the finest structures in highest resolution and the precise localization of existing porosities, cavities, defects and foreign materials in components.

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