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Element Daleville is a state-of-the-art Aerospace materials testing laboratory, holding one of Element’s most extensive lists of customer approvals. Our Daleville laboratory serves customers from a variety of industries including aerospace, castings, forgings, medical device, automotive, power generation and manufacturing.

Element Daleville specializes in the analysis of the chemical composition, mechanical and metallurgical characterization of exotic and standard metal alloys, forgings, castings and components, as well as, failure analysis, reverse engineering, weld certification/qualifications, and special engineering projects such as test procedure development, fixture design and manufacturing, metallurgical field services and life cycle testing.

Accredited by Nadcap and A2LA to ISO 17025:2005 for chemical and mechanical testing, Element Daleville is registered and is in compliance with the United States Department of State under its International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) pursuant to the Arms Export Control Act (AECA). Additionally, Element Daleville has held an impressive array of aerospace airframe OEM and aero engine approvals for more than 65 years, including Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky, Boeing, Bell Helicopter, Safran, Bombardier, GE, Gulfstream, Rolls-Royce, Honda Aerospace and Kawasaki Heavy Industry. 



Daleville Services

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Daleville A2LA Chemical Certificate Scope
    PDF - 384.32 KB View
  • Daleville A2LA Mechanical Certificate Scope
    PDF - 396.68 KB View
  • Daleville Airbus Canada Approval
    PDF - 420.91 KB View
  • Daleville Bell Helicopter Approval
    PDF - 93.77 KB View
  • Daleville Boeing Approval
    PDF - 136.29 KB View
  • Daleville Bombardier Approval
    PDF - 59.78 KB View
  • Daleville De Havilland Aircraft Approval
    PDF - 181.6 KB View
  • Daleville GE Aviation Certificate
    PDF - 25.48 KB View
  • Daleville GKN Aerospace Sweden Approval
    PDF - 2.01 MB View
  • Daleville Gulf Stream Approval
    PDF - 339.1 KB View
  • Daleville Honda Aerospace Approval
    PDF - 43.34 KB View
  • Daleville Honeywell Approval
    PDF - 369.9 KB View
  • Daleville Kawasaki Heavy Industries Approval
    PDF - 541.35 KB View
  • Daleville MTU Approval Certificate
    PDF - 115.74 KB View
  • Daleville Nadcap Scope and Certificate
    PDF - 442.07 KB View
  • Daleville Parker Hannifin Approval
    PDF - 92.06 KB View
  • Daleville Pratt and Whitney Approval
    PDF - 119.94 KB View
  • Daleville Rolls Royce Corporation
    PDF - 331.56 KB View
    PDF - 2.42 MB View
  • Daleville ROLLS ROYCE UK
    PDF - 2.51 MB View
  • Daleville Safran Approval
    PDF - 561.79 KB View
  • Daleville Sikorsky Approval
    PDF - 402.29 KB View

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