A recognized leader in testing, inspection, and product certification for over 40 years, Element Cincinnati was established as an independent mechanical testing laboratory with expertise in metals, alloys, ceramic matrix composites, and medical devices. Our state of the art 60,000 square foot facility and 250+ test machines enable us to provide high capacity service to customers across a unique range of industries, including aerospace, biomedical, industrial manufacturing, power generation, and transportation.

Element Cincinnati’s capabilities range from high and low cycle fatigue testing at elevated and subambient temperatures to fracture mechanics and monotonic testing under tension, compression, shear, and torsion.

As Element’s Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) Center of Excellence, Element Cincinnati has made considerable investments developing knowledge of testing mechanical properties in extreme environments, partnering with clients from their initial R&D efforts in CMCs to develop repeatable, relevant testing protocols.

A world leader in testing metal and ceramic materials using both standard methods and increasingly intricate and customized procedures and equipment, Element is a leader and proactive participant within the international advanced composites community with active membership in ASTM D30 (Committee on Composite Materials), ASTM C28 (Committee on Advanced Ceramics) and CMH-17 (Committee for the Composite Materials Handbook), Nadcap and A2LA  

Element Cincinnati also boasts one of the widest ranges of accredited medical device testing in the world, including static, fatigue, and wear testing solutions for hip, knee, spine, and trauma devices.

Our services include:


Cincinnati Services

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Cincinnati A2LA Biological Certificate and Scope
    PDF - 252.65 KB View
  • Cincinnati A2LA Certificate and Scope 2422 01
    PDF - 480.63 KB View
  • Cincinnati GE GT193 T4930 S 400
    PDF - 25.49 KB View
  • Cincinnati GE GT193 T4930 S 450
    PDF - 25.26 KB View
  • Cincinnati Honeywell Approval
    PDF - 60.99 KB View
  • Cincinnati MTU Approval
    PDF - 534.32 KB View
  • Cincinnati Nadcap MTL AC7101 Certificate
    PDF - 312.61 KB View
  • Cincinnati Nadcap MTL AC7101 Scope
    PDF - 125.54 KB View
  • Cincinnati Power Systems Manufacturing Approval
    PDF - 17.32 KB View
  • Element Cincinnati Kawasaki Approval
    PDF - 534.49 KB View
  • Element Cincinnati Rolls Royce Approval
    PDF - 121.58 KB View
  • Element Cincinnati Rolls Royce Germany Approval
    PDF - 428.35 KB View
  • Element Cincinnati Rolls Royce UK Approval
    PDF - 311.57 KB View
  • Element Cincinnati Safran Approval
    PDF - 62.55 KB View

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