Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, or FTIR Analysis, allows chemists to use very small samples of a substance to identify and quantify its components. It is a particularly useful analysis for identifying the chemicals present in paints, coatings, residues, and contaminants. FTIR analysis works by producing an infrared absorption spectrum that can be compared to other known compounds. 

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy can be utilized to identify unknown contaminants or residue on the surface of a component or material. The analysis can also be used to assist in identifying any additives or impurities that exist within the polymeric material itself.

In addition to polymeric chemical composition analysis, FTIR is also an especially valuable tool for investigative chemistry as well as debris and residue analysis. It is often a first stop for analytical investigations, as the analysis can quickly provide insight into the suspect material’s identity and provide clarity as to any further testing which may be required. 

Another significant benefit of FTIR analysis is the ability to evaluate materials in a variety of states, including solids, liquids, gases, thin films, and powdered materials. 

Extensive Analytical Services 

While an FTIR analysis can answer many materials questions, it can also be combined with other methods and instruments, such as mass spectrometry and x-ray diffraction, to analyze less common materials. FTIR is one of a wide variety of techniques that Element's chemists utilize to perform extensive analytical analyses. By having local access to our global platform of experts and resources, Element helps deliver the certainty you need.

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From routine OES analysis of an aluminum alloy to comprehensive gas chromatography–mass spectrometry investigations, our chemists continually train in the most advanced techniques to provide a wide range of chemical analysis services.

FTIR Analysis

Standards We Test To

American Society for Testing & Materials

ASTM D276, ASTM D2124, ASTM D3677, ASTM E168, ASTM E334, ASTM E573, ASTM E1252

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