About Element Cleveland 

Element Cleveland is an Additive Manufacturing Center of Technical Excellence. 

Since the early days of automotive industry, the laboratory has supported businesses in Ohio with materials testing and inspection. In 1911, metallurgists in the new laboratory tested Henry Ford's new parts destined for the Model T. 

Today, the laboratory's experts assist companies world wide with Nadcap-accredited materials analyses--chemistry mechanical testing, metallography, weld evaluation, heat treatment, and more. In addition, Element Cleveland's failure analysis team provides workable solutions to companies faced with materials and product problems and failures.


Cleveland Services

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Cleveland A2LA 0100 02 Chemical Accreditation
    PDF - 477.83 KB View
  • Cleveland A2LA Mechanical Accreditation
    PDF - 565.82 KB View
  • Cleveland Airbus QTML Qualification Attestation
    PDF - 97.25 KB View
  • Cleveland Beechcraft Certificate of Approval
    PDF - 661.74 KB View
  • Cleveland Bell Helicopter Scope
    PDF - 313.1 KB View
  • Cleveland Boeing Approved Processes
    PDF - 305.24 KB View
  • Cleveland GE Aviation GT193 T3545
    PDF - 82.33 KB View
  • Cleveland Gulfstream Approval
    PDF - 1.78 MB View
  • Cleveland Honeywell Approval
    PDF - 293.67 KB View
  • Cleveland Nadcap MTL Certificate and Scope
    PDF - 443.54 KB View
  • Cleveland SAFRAN Approval MDM520702
    PDF - 89.03 KB View
  • Cleveland Sikorsky Approval SP2144 Audit Report 5 24 16
    PDF - 97.5 KB View
  • Cleveland Transport Canada Approval I62F
    PDF - 193.24 KB View
  • Cleveland USCG 16714159010
    PDF - 45.58 KB View
  • Cleveland US DOT Approval IA09
    PDF - 777.68 KB View

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