About Element Newtown

Element Newtown is an Aerospace, Power Generation Materials and Fastener Testing Center of Technical Excellence. Our laboratory is approved by Collins Aerospace as a source for NDT testing, including Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant Inspection.

Since 1982, Element Newtown has provided destructive and nondestructive testing services for clients nationwide. The experienced, multidisciplinary staff of metallurgists, engineers and chemists supports diverse industries such as commercial, aerospace, nuclear and transportation among others. 

The Sirkorsky, Nadcap and A2LA ISO 17025:2005 accredited laboratory is known for exceptional technical expertise, accuracy, and timely results which have enabled clients to implement effective quality control and product improvement programs and ultimately build stronger businesses.

Newtown Services

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Newtown A2LA ISO 17025 Chemical
    PDF - 503.31 KB View
  • Newtown A2LA ISO 17025 Mechanical
    PDF - 527.39 KB View
  • Newtown Aerojet Rocketdyne Approval
    PDF - 98.79 KB View
  • Newtown Boeing Approval 10361699 D1 4266
    PDF - 134.81 KB View
  • Newtown CFR Part 21
    PDF - 67.78 KB View
  • Newtown Energy and Process Approval
    PDF - 34.75 KB View
  • Newtown GE Aviation Approval
    PDF - 20.73 KB View
  • Newtown Nadcap Materials Testing Scope and Certification
    PDF - 202.32 KB View
  • Newtown Nadcap NDT Certification
    PDF - 354.65 KB View
  • Newtown Nadcap NDT Scope
    PDF - 124.15 KB View
  • Newtown NIAC Approval
    PDF - 245.03 KB View
  • Newtown Pratt Whitney Approval
    PDF - 239.55 KB View
  • Newtown Sikorsky Approval
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