About Element New Berlin 

Element New Berlin is a specialist provider of mechanical engineering services and failure analysis services for a range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, as well as polymers and other advanced materials.

Founded in 1978 and operating out of the Milwaukee metropolitan area, Element New Berlin has over 35 years of experience supporting clients in the Aerospace, Oil & Gas and Transportation & Industrials sectors.

Our team of metallurgists, chemists and polymer scientists help our clients select and apply the most appropriate materials for their applications, products and services and also in completing comprehensive failure analysis studies 


Our Testing Services

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • New Berlin A2LA Chemical Certificate Scope 009801
    PDF - 279.47 KB Download
  • New Berlin A2LA Mechanical Certificate Scope 0098 01
    PDF - 307.21 KB Download
  • New Berlin ABB Approval
    PDF - 16.78 KB Download
  • New Berlin CPSC Accredidation Lab ID 1430
    PDF - 87.9 KB Download
  • New Berlin Hartford Steam Boiler Approval
    PDF - 105.71 KB Download
  • New Berlin Pratt and Whitney Approval
    PDF - 1.02 MB Download
  • New Berlin SNECMA Qualification Approval
    PDF - 3.42 MB Download

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