Adhesion testing is a valuable indicator for determining how well paints and coatings are bonded to the substrate on which they are applied. Failure to remain intact and adherent to the substrate can result in serious operation issues with economic losses. At Element, we can help you assess the integrity of your single and multi-coat paint and coating systems to ensure that they withstand the characteristics of their immediate surroundings.

Plastic Coating and Paint Adhesion Testing

Ensure ASTM and Manufacturing Specifications

Adhesion is an essential physical property of applied paint and protective coatings allowing critical assets to perform when exposed to harsh operating conditions. 

With experience that spans so many industries, from Transportation to Industrials, our Engaged Experts are focused on providing adhesion testing services that meet your diverse needs. 

We carry out adhesion testing of paints and plastic coatings to help you meet the requirements of ASTM and manufacturer specifications or to evaluate the performance of coatings that have been in service for extended periods of time and may require maintenance. We also use adhesion testing during coating failure investigations to understand how a coating has failed, and provide you with the insight you need to develop a corrective action plan and prevent future failures. 

The Element Advantage in Paint Adhesion and Coatings Testing

As your trusted testing partner, the accuracy and precision of our test results make certain that the materials you are utilizing in your projects fulfill their function of protecting the substrate by adequately adhering to it, no matter what environmental conditions they are exposed to. 


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coating and paint adhesion testing

The Tape Test

Element conducts adhesion testing of painted metal and plastic through the tape test according to several standard test methods including ASTM D3359, FORD FLTM BI 106-01, and GM9071P.

One of the most popular testing methods currently in use for measuring adhesion properties of paint and plastic coatings, the tape test enables adhesion testing by applying shear forces to the coating.

During a tape test, our highly trained and practiced experts apply pressure-sensitive tape to cuts made in the coating and then remove it to assess adhesion quality. We use two variants of this test (the X-cut tape test and the cross-hatch tape test) to evaluate adhesion of coatings to different substrate or surface treatments, or of different coatings to the same substrate. 

Tape adhesion testing is a very sophisticated test method, and we can perform it in the field. Our global network of materials testing experts combines unmatched experience and highly specialized skills that ensure your test results are first-time right, and done on time. 

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coating and paint adhesion testing

The Pull-Off Test

Through the pull-off adhesion test, our Engaged Experts evaluate the pull-off strength, or adhesion, of a protective coating system from metal substrates in compliance with ASTM D4541.  

During a pull-off test, a test dolly is glued to the coated surface and then pulled by exerting a force perpendicular to the surface in an effort to remove the dolly with the coating from the substrate. The force at which this occurs and the type of failure obtained is recorded as a measure of the adhesion properties of the coating. This test method maximizes tensile stress as compared to the shear stress applied by the tape test.

The pull-off test is widely used to determine a maximum load that can be achieved when a plug of material is detached (test to fracture) or to verify that the results of a testing procedure can meet a minimum load criterion (pass/fail testing).   

Element’s coating and paint experts offer comprehensive solutions for adhesion testing to thousands of manufacturers and materials suppliers around the world. We perform:

  • Coating Flexibility – Mandrel Bend & T-Bend per ASTM D522 & ASTM D4145
  • Coatings Gloss Evaluation for coating characteristics
  • Coating Impact Testing per ASTM D2794
  • Paint Failure Analysis
  • Plating Adhesion Strength Testing per ASTM B571
  • Plating and Coating Thickness
  • Corrosion Consulting

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